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Asterisk Hardware/PRI Card/PRI Gateway

Companies looking to build custom business solutions or extensive, multi-site telephone systems can take full control of their telecommunications with Digium’s Asterisk hardware /PRI Card/PRI Gateway.
Digium’s hardware is the only hardware certified to work with Asterisk and comes with our Risk-Free Guarantee.
PRI gateways enables direct routing of calls between the fixed line ISDN and the cost-effective IP networks for capitalizing on low cost VoIP telephony. We offers a full line of high quality analog and digital interfacePRI Cardsto connect your IP PBX, IVR, VoIP Gateway, or custom telephony solution to the public telephone network.

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Add both ISDN and analog in a single half-depth PCI or PCI-Express card slot.

Built exclusively for the European market, the B410P adds up to four EuroISDN BRI connections

Digium’s highest density digital telephony card, the TE820 adds up to eight T1 or E1 connections.

Digium’s quad span digital interface cards support 96 (T1 / J1) or 120 (E1) connections.

With a dual-span Digium digital telephony card you can add up to 48 (T1) or 60 (E1) calls

Add up to 24 (T1) or 30 (E1) crystal clear digital calls to your Asterisk system


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