Switchvox Apps

Not only does Switchvox give you hundreds of features within the Switchvox software, it also delivers several apps that interact directly with some of your favorite desktop and web applications, like Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome and more! As an added benefit, they are free for every user with no additional licensing costs.

Switchvox Mobile

Switchvox Mobile gives you, the mobile worker, the freedom of being untethered from your desk. Available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, Switchvox Mobile gives you the on-the-go ability to make calls from your mobile device, yet your call recipients will see your work caller id, which keeps your personal number private. You can check your voicemail, activate your call rules, touch-dial from the directory and more from this free Switchvox app, included with every extension.

Switchvox Notifier

Now you can manage your extension from where you spend most of your day, Microsoft Outlook. The Switchvox Notifier app gives you the Microsoft Outlook integration you’ve been looking for. Notifier allows you to “click-to-call” from an email or Outlook contact, change your status, view your voicemail and call logs right from the Outlook interface. When you receive an incoming call, a pop-up appears with the Outlook contact information providing details about who is calling you.

Switchvox Dialer for Chrome

You can easily dial a phone number listed on any web page. Switchvox Dialer for Google Chrome™ is a freely available Chrome extension that lets you dial numbers on a web page using Switchvox. Just highlight the phone number, right-click and select “dial,” and you are connected! Easily highlight all phone numbers or view a call log, directly from Chrome.

Firefox Firedialer

Firedialer, another free plug-in available for Switchvox, enables click-to-call for any phone number on any web page you’re looking at in Mozilla Firefox browser.

Switchvox Extend API

Need your phone system to integrate with your CRM, database or other software or web service? Many of the features in Switchvox can be utilized via the Switchvox Extend API, which allows you to weave your phone system into your other business applications to create powerful customer service and productivity tools.

The Extend API Switchvox app lets you build integrations with Switchvox using common programming languages such as PERL and PHP.

**Available in Switchvox On-Premises version only


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